Letting Go…

All my life, I have always been an ardent admirer of beautiful oil guzzling machines, the ones that are capable of being revved up to insane RPMs and, at the same time, are fastidiously crafted to perfection. It's amazing what such a machine could do to you…a subtle nudge in the right direction and the... Continue Reading →

The Way of life…

::Indian Spinal Injury Centre, Vasant Kunj (ISIC):: A state of the art and a super-specialty hospital situated right at the heart of New Delhi, India. A home for all the wheel chair bound sufferers and a pantheon for all those who still fight to get back on their feet.  Being a paraplegic myself, this hospital... Continue Reading →

F* Word!

***Not for the Faint Hearted*** Are we what we think we really are?  Or, are we simply living in a society with an abstruse reality!? At times I feel we are nothing but the regular people living with our stubborn self righteous virtues in this so called Arcadia.. i.e. until we are shaken up by... Continue Reading →

~Axe your Sufferings~

Pain as we all know it, is nothing but an unpleasant feeling which everyone would love to be deprived off. It is capable of making it's presence felt at both, physical and emotional fronts of life. I truly believe, it is much too complex a word for one to decipher and scrutinize but it sure... Continue Reading →

Love you to Death!

:: The Discovery :: The year 2001, somewhere around the month of june..enjoying my summer vacations, i was busy doing what i loved the most, “Downloading Music using P2P softwares”. I, being an ardent music lover, always wanting to explore the depths of harmony and percussions, was desperately trying to search and download Metallica’s songs.... Continue Reading →

The Mid-Course Correction

::Who decides our fate:: I know fate is defined as predetermined course of events which according to our science and literature is independent of our actions. Yet, when things don't go as per planned or when one gets cornered in life, one can't help but ponder about it and the above mentioned definition of fate... Continue Reading →

Shortcut to Corruption::Ambitious Middle Class::

July 1999 - Victorious Operation Vijay and a Proud Nation: Mr George Fernandes the then Defence Minister of India, was questioned whether the battle had inspired a feeling of patriotism, nationalism, faithfulness, and national integrity amongst fellow countrymen. Without batting an eyelid and resisting the temptation of bragging about his achievement as a defence minister,... Continue Reading →

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