~Axe your Sufferings~

Pain as we all know it, is nothing but an unpleasant feeling which everyone would love to be deprived off. It is capable of making it’s presence felt at both, physical and emotional fronts of life.
I truly believe, it is much too complex a word for one to decipher and scrutinize but it sure does pack a punch..it teaches us a very simple lesson in life.

One just can’t dodge sufferings…they are always lurking around waiting to catch us off guard. Hence, learn to bear it and get over it.

Its so funny, pain has been with us since the inception of mankind and it still took our profound “wise-men/scientists” to burn the midnight oil just to measure and quantize it. It actually took them years to come up with “Dol”, the unit of measuring pain, which by the way is still debatable. Also, not to forget that the idea of quantifying sufferings still remains a mondo mystery!!

I, unlike many, believe pain plays an important role in everyone’s life. Enduring pain brings out the best in a person. The great acts of struggle, perseverance and courage are often an outcome of intense pain and sufferings. Maybe, that is exactly why we often volunteer to endure it. For e.g. Nothing feels better than having a bloody thorn pulled out.

Pain is nothing but like a leech which sticks on to you until you make an effort to get rid of it!

Thanks to our modern medicine, we have learned to trick our mind and physical pain can now be easily conciliated, at times be totally expunged. It is the emotional suffering which still traumatizes us and needs to be dealt with. Pain when experienced at emotional fronts of life is like a whole different ball game. Sadly, It has the might to trap us in the labyrinth of our own sub-conscious darkness and make us grieve endlessly. This kind of trauma is totally different from physical pain and could be difficult to deal with.

 It is such a secret place, the land of tears.

Pain endured without purpose, however, and especially pain inflicted upon us without cause or reason, is the one responsible for emotional agony; and unless removed through a process of acceptance, understanding and forgiveness such pain can fester and grow until it reaches the crescendo of brutality and literally consumes our entire state of being.

There are many ways to get over emotional pains. One of the most highly recommended way is to observe our emotional pains and allow them to flow through us without letting them consume us. By doing so it can help us understand why we are experiencing these negative emotions in the first place. The more we understand our negative emotions, the easier it is for us to release them. By releasing our negative emotions, we might free ourselves from pain and sufferings.
This sounds pretty fancy and may even work for someone. But, It definitely ain’t my cup of tea!! This theory doesn’t qualify for my kind of pain.
I prefer the other alternative, or should I say the other “simple yet great” alternative :  “Believe in the word Hope.”

I feel, “Hope is the feeling you have, that the feeling you have, isn’t permanent” and to believe in it you have to be a believer.
Hope is like the painkiller for our soul, the so called soul-charger, it has the strength to help us over come any kind of emotional distress.

You may be one of those people who need to see a vision of something positive to help you achieve it. If you hold hope close in your heart, you can almost envision yourself achieving the thing that you are hoping for.

The human spirit is remarkably strong and one of a kind. It seems to run forever on nothing but a morsel of hope. Without it, you have nothing. With it, nothing else matters.

In depth of winter, I finally learned that there was within me an invincible summer. Wouldn’t have been possible without believing in it.

Axe your sufferings, never let go off Hope.