F* Word!

***Not for the Faint Hearted***

Are we what we think we really are?  Or, are we simply living in a society with an abstruse reality!?
At times I feel we are nothing but the regular people living with our stubborn self righteous virtues in this so called Arcadia.. i.e. until we are shaken up by our devious circumstances and we are finally forced to embrace reality!

I often wonder, why is it that we deliver better when we are pushed against the wall..or why is it that we are more motivated when the stakes are high? Also, why is it that the freakin “realization factor” always kicks in  after messing things up!?

::The Word n The Answer::

Every human being has a driving force in life. It could be termed as, aspiration, ambition, avidity or hunger but deep down below there is something else culpable for our insatiable vigor.


Fear as we know it, could obviously, by no means be associated with a compliment.  It is like a double edged sword. It’s absence could turn you into a cold blooded psychopath where as too much of it could make you go cuckoo and earn you a suffix, “Phobic_Freak”!
Hence, needless to say Fear is one of the most powerful primitive human emotion which feeds on our darkest cogitations. The more we think the more we get skittish.

 Fear is only as deep as the mind allows

Believe it or not,  It is this so called primitive feeling which has played a crucial role in keeping our ancestors alive!
I for one believe, “Fear is nothing but a vital response to physical and emotional threat.” It’s kind of an alarm system our body is accustomed to..where in most of the cases it gets triggered just before doing something irrational or immoral. 

In our today’s modern society, more and more people are falling prey to stress and anxiety and this is exactly what is responsible for, “capacious human appetite for weird diseases”.
At times experiencing or anticipating any kind of trauma are strong enough emotions to send one into desolation. But it’s the trauma knots that have a long lasting effect on us. Whenever trauma knots get triggered by our thoughts or by life events, fear arises. For, it was fear of fully experiencing the actual traumas that caused them originally to be tied in knots. Trauma knots that remain unresolved causes fear and often mark the birth of phobias  (which could be in form of that weird sinking feeling..stress..depression..anxiety etc.)
Physical traumas are short lived but the emotional ones could last for a lifetime!

::Bravery my @$$!::
“Everyone has a chink in his armor”

Anyone who isn’t scared of anything is either not amongst us(dead) or is lying to himself!
by the way, bravery is not always associated with heroism and flying bullets. A true hero is somebody who has all the corners of life covered. Someone who physically might not be Herculian but is emotionally a Rock!

Deep down below every one of us feels scared…the reason could be anything from a petty little fear of being mugged to the more serious issues of life. Fear of poverty, failure, loosing loved ones, experiencing emotional turmoil and fear of death are a few which are very common. I for one consider Fear of death or the so called  “Thanatophobia” to be the freakiest of  all. It’s a kind of phobia which could really drive you nuts and get you twisted in your head!
{Note- Guys with IQ lesser than 70-75 are immune to these kind of phobias…weirdly, it brings a smile to my face as i am now happy for couple of my friends…a true catch 22 situation!  lol}

::The Twisted Part::
“Fear has its own mysterious ways to encapsulate our mind and our soul.”

A lesson well learnt by our wise fore-fathers who gave us religion.
{Note: For people who haven’t read my previous posts: I am not at all an atheist. I am very much a god fearing person, but prefer to be known as an agnostic theist…as i believe in existence of just one mighty energy}

Majority of us have been too busy to ponder over this topic but, like it or not fear plays an important role in our modern society too. Fear is like the foundation of governance! So, it would only be right to say, “In the arsenal of governance, fear happens to be the most lethal weapon.”
All our religious sects leech on two things, faith and fear.

Where faith fails, fear prevails..

From the early days of judaism to the present day, the only thing that remain prevalent is the set of rules that govern us..or should i say, “The Do’s and the Don’ts”.
Fear of repercussions is our trigger, something that has always held us together.
For e.g., every god fearing person, irrespective of which religion he follows would by default be inclined to reach heaven rather than hell, not because heaven is so pure and scintillating but because it’s the fear of hell which gives them a little extra push.
Atheists on the other hand, who don’t tread the holy road are kept under check by our government (law), an organisation which carefully enforces guidelines to govern behavior. Needless to say that they capitalise on fear of punishment. They call it, “retribution”.
Imagine, had it not been for fear, how difficult it would have been to govern people!

For Believers We Have Religion And For Non-Believers We Have Law

The Point remains,
Is fear a good or a bad thing?
Is fear a necessary evil?