About Me

24 year old engineer from New Delhi, India  –  That’s me! 

A son, a brother, a gooner for life and an avid fan of all forms of entertainment — Music, movies,  football, video games, books, drinking beer, you name it.
Though I got to say that I have a special thing for music…I listen to everything under the sun. A sound that has soul..is music to my ears.

I have started this blog as an outlet for my thoughts and experiences. My ultimate goal is to continue to improve my writing and to hopefully enlighten some readers about things they did not know about beforehand.



7 responses to “About Me

  1. its too gud.very much particle . we shld nt leave any thng to our fate or our stars , i believe that ,the fate is in our hand ,how we make it.
    gud gng dear. keep up the gud wrk.
    god bless u.tk cr.

  2. Definitely, when the dark overburdens us and we are not able to see anything, it is hope which comes as a ray of light.Hope makes us believe that everything is going to be all right.Nice piece of writing Arjun,I hope to read some from your side soon.

  3. Vry True !!!!
    Pain is jst a feeling we derive in ourself…. N suffer fr d same
    But if we do have a positive mindmake , then i think the pain doesn’t even exist to feel ….

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