And the Journey continues…

All my life i have been busy pursuing my preset goals!
Well…most of them were set by the likes of this convoluted society we live in. For e.g, excelling in academics has always been mandatory and everyone’s top priority. While goofing up academics shall by default brand one as a social stigma!
All you had to do is somehow earn the privilege of using predicates like…“is an outstanding all-rounder / athlete/ sportsman / singer /dancer / orator and you shall be entitled with a little halo on your head, making you an apple of your daddy’s eye and a social role model!!
Hence needless to say, I chose the second alternative and devoted my entire childhood to a single minded pursuit of such goals.
As i now recall, success often knocked at my door but for some reason instead of embracing it, I was more fixated on my ill-fated efforts and relinquished targets. I guess that’s what human behavior is all about.

From my kindergarten to my workplace, It has been like a never ending journey.
The goals kept changing and i kept chasing!!!

October Blues
It was last October when i met with an accident and my indefatigable chase came to a stand still. For once, I felt that there is more to life than just chasing your boundless materialistic goals. I had the time to think about my life as a whole.
Back then, life sure did look a little bias and unfair, but I guess it gets to you when you spend a couple of months on a hospital bed! (Not to forget: Sad Looking nurses only add on to your miseries)
Thankfully it did not last long and hence, I don’t feel the same way anymore. What now matters most is my connection with myself, being present and feeling blissful.
Thanks to my October blues, I have developed an insatiable hunger to learn more about life, faith and karma.

One hard fall and i realize,
It is not length of life, but depth of life.

The Quest?ons
Being idle for 5 long months, i was compelled to analyze, evaluate, appreciate and question various aspects of life. Frankly speaking, one can’t do much about it…this habit of constantly thinking, kept me away from sulking and self pitying.
Which in the long run turned out to be one hell’ova time killer!

By the end of my 5 months I was full of questions,
Few of them which still remain un-answered are:

Is it possible to know the truth without challenging it first?

What is our purpose of existence?

 Why are you, you? 

Why isn’t there any guide to live a perfect life?

Thanks to my post accident sedentary lifestyle, i had all the time in the world to ponder over them.

Tranquilizing After Hours
Waking up early in the morning had always been a disdained problem since my childhood. Being a Sikh by religion and an Army officer’s son, I was constantly reminded about the importance and sanctity of early hours of the day. Hence, I tried my best to make an effort to exploit the goodness of sunrise, but seldom succeeded.
Instead, i developed a fond liking for the after hours. I found it to be rather soothing and pacifying. It had a weird atmospheric effect creating an aura perfect to introspect and find solace. All i had to do, was to dream with my eyes open!  Thanks to those thought provoking nights, I have evolved into a better human being.

All my questions were answered using three words!

What i had come to learn with time is that,
The very reason for our existence is our “Karma”…it acts like a link to a never ending cycle. Everything from our birth to our heavenly abode, is governed by it.
I truly believe there is a lot of unexplained stuff waiting out there to be toyed with, but we the common people refrain from doing so. Ignorant of karma, we blindly believe in delusive beliefs such as fate and luck.
It is really amusing to see  a guy winning a lottery applauding his luck while a guy caught stealing blaming it.

I guess life has its own mysterious ways…

New Found Religion!
We the tamed masses are divided into believers and non believers. For the non-believers or the masses who don’t believe in karma or the supernatural, faith happens to be the religion.

Faith is something which exists in heart of every living being by default. Our subconscious mind is driven by it.
Every night we go to bed setting an alarm for the next day, this is nothing but an act of faith.
Being unaware of what is en-stored in near future, we comfortably enjoy a pleasant present. This again is nothing but an act of faith.

Life is nothing but a fiddle..and faith happens to be the bow!


My journey of still goes on..and I intend to make the most of it.
I am glad, I rediscovered myself.
Honest Karma, True Faith & Power of Acceptance has made me stronger than ever!!  

11 thoughts on “And the Journey continues…

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    1. Hey..Chadds..I have become emotional not because of the event u witnessed but because ur transformation to such a nice n philosophical human being..

  1. We all are so caught up in becoming someone, that we forget to enjoy the beautiful trivial things that everyday has to offer.I don’t know what is karma, but yes faith is what has the world moving.

    I always knew you strong, but after reading this I am proud of you!

    Cheers Chadha! 😀


  2. chads awsum man….i can see dat listenin to metal n nt drinkin isnt de only things uve been upto….n ive always loved de after hours.. 😉
    hopefully ill c u soon n v can hav a nice long chat….

  3. Well writen….Life stops when there is the cessation of introspection and the nice journey continues with such introspection.

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